Xpreza Azacitidine Injection

Medicine Detail

Brand Name: Xpreza 100mg 
Composition: Azacitidine 100mg
Manufactured by: Natco Pharma Limited
Form: Solution for Injection
Packing: Pack of 1 vial


Xpreza (Azacitidine) is a hostile to tumor ("antineoplastic" or "cytotoxic") chemotherapy sedate. It is an individual from another class of medications known as DNA "demethylating" specialists. Xpreza works by helping the bone marrow to deliver ordinary platelets and by executing unusual cells in the bone marrow. 


Xpreza is utilized to treat myelodysplastic disorder (a gathering of conditions in which the bone marrow produces platelets that are deformed and does not create enough solid platelets). 


All prescriptions may cause reactions, yet many individuals have no, or minor, symptoms. Check with your specialist if any of these most COMMON reactions continue or end up noticeably troublesome: 

• fever, chills, wounding, or different indications of low platelet tallies; 

• low potassium; 

• queasiness, spewing, clogging, the runs; shortcoming; or 

• redness or other aggravation where the infusion was given. 

Look for medicinal consideration immediately if any of these SEVERE reactions happen: 

• low platelet tallies - fever, chills, influenza like indications, swollen gums, mouth wounds, skin bruises, fast heart rate, fair skin, 

simple wounding, irregular dying, feeling dazed; 

• Kidney issues - bring down back agony, blood in your pee, almost no urinating, swelling in your feet or lower legs; 

• Liver issues - upper stomach torment, tingling, tired feeling, loss of hunger, dull pee, mud shaded stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes); 

• wounding chest torment, wheezing, hack with yellow or green bodily fluid, feeling shy of breath; 

• redness, swelling, warmth, overflowing, or different indications of skin disease; 

This isn't an entire rundown of every single reaction that may happen. In the event that you have inquiries concerning symptoms, contact your human services supplier. 

Storage of Medicine

Store Azacitidine at 25°C (77°F); outings allowed to 15° to 30°C (59° to 86°F). Keep this drug out of the scope of kids and far from pets.

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