Birlotib 150mg Erlotinib Tablets

Medicine Detail

Brand Name: Birlotib

Active Ingredients: Erlotinib Hydrochloride

Manufacturer: BDR Pharmaceuticals International Pvt. Ltd.

Strength: 150 mg

Form: Tablets

Packing: Pack of 30 Tablets

What is Birlotib (Indian Erlotinib) and what are the uses of Erlotinib 150mg?

Birlotib 150mg Tablets is the trade name for the generic drug name Erlotinib. In some cases, health care professionals may use the trade name Tarceva when referring to the generic drug name Erlotinib 150mg.

Indian Erlotinib 150 mg Tablets is usually prescribed for the treatment of patients with locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) also for the treatment of patients with locally advanced, unresectable or metastatic pancreatic cancer. MedsDelta is providing you Erlotinib 150mg Tablets in different brands by their various manufacturers at a discounted price. To buy Generic Tarceva 150 mg Tablets at lower cost from MedsDelta Exporter and wholesale Supplier you can call us on +91-9953810074 or mail us at medsdelta@gmail.com, QQ: 3451266709, WeChat/Skype: medsdelta with shipping provision to China, USA, UK, Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, and other countries worldwide. 

Possible Side effects of Indian Tarceva 150mg (Birlotib 150mg Tablets):-

-Most people do not experience all of the side effects listed.

-Side effects are often predictable in terms of their onset and duration.

-Side effects are almost always reversible and will go away after treatment is complete.

-There are many options to help minimize or prevent side effects.

The following side effects are common (occurring in greater than 30%) for patients taking Generic Erlotinib Tablets:-

Rash, Diarrhea, Poor appetite, Fatigue, Shortness of breath, Cough, Nausea, and vomiting

These side effects are less common side effects (occurring in about 10-29%) of patients receiving Erlotinib:

Infection, Mouth sores, Itching, Dry skin, Eye irritation, Abdominal pain.

Not all side effects are listed above. Some that are rare (occurring in less than 10% of patients) are not listed here.  However, you should always inform your health care provider if you experience any unusual symptoms.

Precautions :-

-Before starting Indian erlotinib treatment, make sure you tell your doctor about any other medications you are taking (including prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins, herbal remedies, etc.).  Certain medications can interfere with the levels/effects of substitute erlotinib.  It is important your oncologist is aware of all medications.  Do not take aspirin, or products containing aspirin unless your doctor specifically permits this.

-Do not receive any kind of immunization or vaccination without your doctor's approval while taking erlotinib.

Inform your health care professional if you are pregnant or may be pregnant prior to starting this treatment. -Pregnancy category D (Alternative erlotinib may be hazardous to the fetus.  Women who are pregnant or become pregnant must be advised of the potential hazard to the fetus.)

-For both men and women: Do not conceive a child (get pregnant) while taking Generic erlotinib. Barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms, are recommended. Discuss with your doctor when you may safely become pregnant or conceive a child after therapy.

-Do not breast feed while taking this medication.

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