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Darunavir / Ritonavir Tablets Brands

Medicine Detail

Brand Name: Durart-R 

Active Ingredient: Darunavir 400mg & Ritonavir 50mg 

Alternatives: Danavir-R, Durart-R, Virem-R 

Manufacturer: Hetero, Mylan, Emcure 

Form: Tablets 

Country Origin: India 

What is Darunavir and Ritonavir Tablets ? 

Darunavir (达芦那韦) Ritonavir Tablets fixed-dose combination medication used to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS, The medication is also effective and recommended for new coronavirus pneumonia #nCoV2019. You can Buy Indian Darunavir Ritonavir like Hetero Danavir-R Tablets at wholesale price from MedsDelta a Trusted Medicines Supplier, contact us at Call/WhatsApp/Viber: +91-9971646666, QQ: 3451266709. 

Durart-R Tablets Use : 

The medicine is used treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS. 

According to some researches, Darunavir Ritonavir (达芦那韦对于冠状病毒) medication is also effective for new coronavirus pneumonia. 

Darunavir Ritonavir for nCoV19 Coronavirus Infection : 

At present, there is no effective medicine for Wuhan Coronavirus pneumonia or SARS, Academician Zhong Nanshan also commented on this in the media. (印度洛匹那韦力托那韦片治疗新型冠状病毒肺炎。

Many doctors said this drug is effective in their case, but it has not been cleared whether it is effective for other patients and follow-up observation is required. 

Darunavir Ritonavir Tablets Brands : 

Durart-R Tablets (400mg/50mg) By Mylan Pharmaceuticals 

Danavir-R (800mg/100mg) By Hetero Healthcare 

Virem-R (600mg/100mg) By Emcure Pharmaceuticals 

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