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Acitrom 1 mg Tablets

Acitrom 1 mg Tablets Specifications:Brand Name: AcitromComposition: Nicoumalone 1mgManufactured by: Abbott India LtdForm: TabletsPacking: Pack of 30 CapsulesCountry of Origin: IndiaWHAT IS ACITROM TAB..

Aggrenox 25 mg Tablets

Aggrenox 25 mg  Capsules Details:Brand Name: Aggrenox Active Ingredients: Aspirin and Dipyridamole Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim Strength: Aspirin 25 mg and Dipyridamole 200 mg Packing:..

Allegra - Fexofenadine Tablet

Allegra Fexofenadine 120mg/180mgSanofi Aventis Allegra Details:Brand Name           :  AllegraContents       ..

Ambrisentan Volibris tablets GSK

Volibris Ambrisentan 10 mg / 5 mg Tablets Ambrisentan Medicine Details Brand Name             :        Volibris 5mg/10mg tabletsContent&nbs..

Astelin Nasal Spray (Azelastine)

Medicine Details:Brand Name: Arzep Nasal SprayContents: Azelastine 0.1 % w/v x 10mlForm: Nasal SprayManufactured By: Zydus ( German Remedies)..

Bosentan 125mg Bosentas Tablets

Bosentas Bosentan 125 mg Tablets Details: Brand name: Bosentas 125mg tabletsContent: Bosentan Strength: 125mgManufactured by: Cipla LimitedPacking: Pack of 20 tablets Bosentan 125 mg tablet Wholesa..

Cetirizine Tablet

Medicine DetailsBrand Name: Cetcip 10mgContents: CetirizineStrength: 10mg / 5mgForm: TabletsManufactured By: Cipla Limited..

Champix - Varenicline Tablet

Medicine Specification:Brand Name: ChampixContents: Varenicline 1mgForm: TabletManufactured By: PfizerPacking: Pack of 28 Tablets..

Chantix - Varenicline Tablet (Starter Pack

Medicine Specification:Brand Name: Chantix (Starter Pack)Contents: varenicline (11 fc-tabs) 0.5 mg, varenicline (14 fc-tabs) 1 mg.Form: TabletManufactured By: PfizerPacking: One pack contains 11 table..

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