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Gleevec Imatinib Tablets & Capsules Brands In India ( Generic Cancer Drugs )

Medicine Detail

Brand Name and their Manufacturer  

Celonib: Celon Labs       

Imalak: Sun Pharmaceuticals   

Imatib Alpha: Cipla Limited         Capsule   

Lupitib: Lupin Laboratories

Mesylonib: Miracalus Pharma Pvt Ltd  

Mitinab: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.        

Mitinab (100mg): Glenmark (Onkos)                               

Mitinab (400mg): Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.        

Resimat: Resonance Laboratories Pvt.Ltd      

Shantinib: Shantha Biotechnics Pvt Ltd                

Veenat: Natco Pharma Ltd               

Zoleta: Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Imatinib mesylate Tablets And its Generic Alternative in India

Gleevec Imatinib Capsules is another sort of disease tranquilize – the first of its kind created to fend malignancy by killing a catalyst that makes cells end up noticeably harmful and duplicate. Imatinib 400 mg Tablets is affirmed to treat an uncommon malignancy called Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML), which influences in the vicinity of 5,000 and 8,000 patients every year. 

Imatinib mesylate Tablets

Nonspecific imatinib is accessible in Canada for USD $8,800/year and Gleevec is accessible for USD $38,000/year. In the United States, Glivec is evaluated today at about $146,000/year. In this manner, the "nonspecific cost" in the United States was in truth very little lower than the marked medication cost. In India, its Price is $200 to $300 To 120 Tablets ( depend upon different Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 

Alternative Brands Available For Imatinib Tablets 


This solution is utilized to treat certain sorts of malignancy, (for example, intense lymphoblastic leukemia, endless myeloid leukemia, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, and myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative ailments). It is chemotherapy medicate that works by abating or ceasing the development of malignancy cells.



    • Less genuine reactions may include: 
    • Mellow sickness or stomach torment, retching, looseness of the bowels; 
    • Muscle issues; 
    • Joint or muscle torment; 
    • A migraine, feeling tired; or. 
    • Stuffy nose, sinus torment.

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