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Lenalid Capsules - Generic Lenalidomide India

Medicine Detail

Brand Name: Lenalid 

Active Ingredient: Lenalidomide 

Manufacturers: Natco Pharma 

Strength: 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 25mg 

Form: Capsules 

Packing: Pack of 30 Capsules 

Country of origin: India 

Lenalid capsules- An in-detail analysis of generic bone marrow cancer medicine India
Lenalidomide Capsules is a salt that is used for the treatment of cancer no matter which type it is. This salt's main function is to stop the growth of cells that is the main cause of cancer in the body. This salt is mainly sold under the brand name of Lenalid capsules Lenalidomide , which is manufactured by the NATCO pharmacy company present in India.
The use of this medicine is anemia treatment with bone marrow disorders. This medicine's main benefit is that there is a requirement of blood transfusion in this disease, but with this medicine, that transfusion need is decreased manifolds.

How to consume the medicine?
The Lenalid capsules Natco are usually prescribed once a day by the manufacturers; still, it would be best for you to ask your doctor in detail about the dosage requirement and the time at which you should fix the dose consumption. The salt is assembled in the form of a capsule which is required to be taken with water without chewing and breaking.
There is a cycle of this medicine that is required in this medicine. Out of 4 weeks in a month, the medicine is taken for three weeks, and then for one week, it is required to be suspended. In the next month, the cycle will start again. One should never miss the schedule of medicine decided by the doctor and take medicine at the same time in order to save the body from the salt accumulation of this generic bone marrow cancer medicine India.

Missed Dose and Overdose
These are the two most common questions in the mind of a person. If a person missed a dose of Lenalid capsule, then they should see the time. If there are more than 12 hours to the next dose, they should consume the medicine as soon as possible, and on the other hand, if the time is less than one should skip the dose and move to the next dose.
In cases of overdose, one should seek the effects of the medicine. If the body reacts normally, then there is no issue. But in case the body of the person starts reacting hypersensitively, they should call the physician and a poison helpline number for hand to hand assistance.

Precaution of medicine
Before you start your treatment with Lenalid Lenalidomide capsules, it is your duty to tell your doctor about your allergies. After that, they will decide that you should be treated with this medicine or not.
  • Medical history of yours should be discussed in detail with the doctor as the medicine is not healthy for those patients who are going through kidney disease or liver disease, or thyroid.
  • There is a bit of dizziness related to this drug, but if you consume alcohol or marijuana with it, then the level of dizziness will increase, and you may feel uneasy. That is why it is never advisable that you consume these substances while treatment with Lenalid Lenalidomide capsules.
  • Pregnant women and those who are milk feeding should not consume this medicine as these salt pass through the skin and blood, which can affect the baby also.
  • Blood should not be donated in the situation as the drug can transfuse.

Storage requirements of Lenalid Capsules Natco
The medicine should be stored at a normal room temperature, and one fact should be taken care of that the light and moisture should not reach the medicine by any means. Also, it can be harmful to pets and child so make it away from their reach.

Side Effects related to Lenalidomide capsules Natco
  • Sometimes a person can feel a little numbness with a headache and feel an issue in their vision.
  • A person can feel pain in their chest which can spread through the jaw and shoulders.
  • Loss of appetite, dark-colored urine, and clayey stools can occur in the body.
  • The blood count of a person can lower down.
  • In severe cases, the signs of tumor cell breakdown get worse.
In any such issue, one should directly call their doctor and advise what they should do and how they should get over these side effects.

Where to buy the medicine?
There is an online dispensary named MedsDelta, a reliable source through which a person can order the medicine. They are certified by the manufacturers NATCO to sell this drug in the open market and export it to other countries that allow this drug's consumption. The average natco lenalidomide price is around Rs2700 per strip on which you can avail discount also. 
MedsDelta is an Indian Trusted Overseas Medicines Supplier of Lenalidomide Capsules accessible brands at discount costs. We export anti cancer medicines abroad including the USA, Japan, Singapore, HongKong, Taiwan, China, UAE, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and so forth and different nations. To know more Contact us at Mail: info@MedsDelta.Com.

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