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Vivitra 150 mg Trastuzumab Injection

Medicine Detail

Brand Name: Vivitra 150 mg injection

Composition: Trastuzumab

Strength: 150 mg

Manufactured by: Zydus Ingenia

Form: Injection

Packing: Pack of 1 vial


Vivitra 150 mg  (Trastuzumab) is a high biosimilar restorative result of reference biologic. It is an adapted monoclonal against HER2 (Human epidermal development factor receptor 2) counter acting agent. It includes 1328-amino acids; glycoprotein. 

Breast Cancer Drugs for Vivitra (Trastuzumab) is shown in which condition? 

Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC): Vivitra  (Trastuzumab) is shown for the treatment of patients with HER2 over expressing metastatic bosom malignancy. Triumvirate (Trastuzumab) is additionally shown in blend with aromatase inhibitor for the treatment of patients with HER2 over expressing and hormone receptor-positive metastatic bosom disease. 

Early Breast Cancer (EBC): Vivitra (Trastuzumab) is shown for the treatment of patients with HER2 overexpressing early bosom malignancy following surgery, chemotherapy (neo adjuvant or adjuvant) and radiotherapy (if relevant). VivitraTM (Trastuzumab) is likewise demonstrated for adjuvant treatment of patients with HER2 overexpressing hub positive or hub negative bosom malignancy i) as a component of treatment regimen involving doxorubicin, cyclophosphamide, and either paclitaxel or docetaxel ii) with docetaxel and carboplatin. 

Metastatic Gastric Cancer (MGC): Vivitra (Trastuzumab) is shown for the treatment of patients with HER2 overexpressing metastatic gastric or gastroesophageal intersection adenocarcinoma in mix with capecitabine or 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin who have not gotten earlier hostile to malignancy treatment for their metastatic illness. 

Breast Cancer Drugs for Vivitra (Trastuzumab) work

The HER2 quality encodes the receptor tyrosine kinase HER2 and is regularly finished communicated in bosom malignancy and gastric cancer.2,3 Increased number of HER2 adds to tumor movement. 

Bosom diseases can have up to 25–50 duplicates of the HER2 quality and up to 40–100 crease increment in HER2 protein bringing about 2 million receptors communicated at the tumor cell surface. 

Expanded HER2 flagging assumes a part in expanded expansion and survival of the essential tumor and inaccessible sores endless supply of full change cause metastases. 

Around 1 out of 5 of gastric malignancies has excessively of a development advancing protein called HER2/neu (or only HER2) on the surface of the disease cells. Tumors with expanded levels of HER2 are called HER2positive-HER2 +ve.3 

Roughly 1 out of 5 patients with bosom disease has HER2-positive bosom cancer.

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